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2NE1 ‘Fire’ up #1 on illegal download site for 3rd consecutive week, will they go long-run like So Nyeo Shi Dae

2NE1’s debut song ‘Fire’ has been up #1 on illegal download site for the 3rd consecutive week.

MusicSave, which investigates into music and media content downloads online, said, “On popular illegal download sites P2P, Webhard, together with several online cafes, 2NE1’s ‘Fire’ stands 22.7% of the illegal music downloads, the song is up #1 for the download chart for 3 weeks through.”

2NE1 is the first artiste after So Nyeo Shi Dae to top illegal download charts for such long run. Already being up on the chart for 3 week consecutively has already shown their popularity. They are also one of the top searched keywords on portal sites.

Until now, they only performed once which is also their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May.

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2NE1 will be performing on SBS Inkigayo May 31st!

Update via their cafe:

5월 31일 SBS 인기가요 참여안내!! new 운영ː2NE1… 14:03


The girls will be performing on SBS Inkigayo this Sunday!

SOURCE: 2NE1’s Daum Cafe
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[GIF] 2NE1 Lollipop Minimes

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[INTERVIEW] Gong Min Ji, “My grandmother does hunchback dance, I do hip hop dance."


Even the tough poppin dance wouldn’t be a problem for Gong MinJi, we can really see that this girl has a passion for dancing.

In a recent interview she said, “My grandmother likes the fact that I’m dancing and she gives me her support. She did not object when I said I want to be a singer.

Gong MinJi is the granddaughter of famous dance Gong Ok Jin, who is known for her folk dance ‘hunchback dance’. Though the 2 dance to different dances, they both have the same passion.

MinJi said, “At first because I was introduced with grandmother’s name, it is quite a pressure for me. But with this pressure, I told myself I have to work harder. I will show my own powerful dance.

I really love dancing. I feel really delighted when I am dancing. Also I can feel the energy flowing through me. I can feel happiness through dancing.

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[INTERVIEW] Sandara Park, “I have no regrets about giving up on entertainment career in the Philippines."


Sandara Park talks about not having being able to continue on her entertainer career in the Philippines as “no regrets”.

She said in a recent interview, “I was promoting as an entertainer in the Philippines, but I took the bold step and went on as YG trainee. But I have no regrets about not being able to continue my entertainer career in the Philippines.

Of course, training as a YG trainee, I have no guarantee for debut. I have no guarantee for success, but because I have dreams to be a Korean entertainer, I worked hard on it.

Dara has been a reporter, actress and singer in the Philippines. She began to gain interests from Koreans after KBS introduced her in one of the programmes. When she went to Korea for a visit, she was given a basic test from YG Entertainment and then joined as a trainee a month later.

She went over to live in Korea and trained for 3 years before debuting as 2NE1.

After first about joining 2NE1, YG was a little doubtful about it. Because it seems that she has yet to get the hip hop ‘feel’. But Dara worked hard to show satisfaction. She kept listening to hip hop music and dance to hip hop dance.

About the photoshoot that became the topic amongst netizens lately taken in the Philippines, Dara explained about it. The idea of the photoshoot was suggested by one of the seonbae. But the photoshoot concept turned out to be different from what she thought.

Plus back then the atmosphere to the photoshoot was serious, she thought she could not run away from it. And with that she did a ‘sexy‘ photoshoot.

Click here for Dara‘s ‘sexy‘ photoshoot. =S

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[NEWS] 12 Days Into Debut Single ‘FIRE’ Makes 2 Million Won, ‘In just 12 days 2 million won!’

Girl group 2NE1 has renacted their sibling group Big Bang’s “hundred million apotheosis (?) ‘

2NE1 had released their single (Fire) on the 6th and just after 12 days have made sales records in the million won range. Their senior group, Big Bang, who are in the same label as them have recently made over 10 million won in sales with 3 CM songs and so is being compared to that. In the singing industry it can be as far as to coin them as “the million won siblings”. In one music portal site the party stated “Until the 17th 2NE1’s sales were calculated to be over 2 million won. When they had finally appeared on their first ever music program on the 17th the sales had went up overwhelmingly.”

This result has come from SK Telecom’s sound source service that first changed MLB system’s sales into consumer price and then into the total market scale. The surprising thing about it is that just after one appearance on a program the outcome had increased a lot. On the 17th, the only program 2NE1 appeared on was the SBS music program . When 2NE1 had appeared on stage on the program the viewer’s rating had skyrocketed into 14.9% (according to AGB Media).

Their record label, YG Entertainment’s party states “The strategy of participating in a famous commericial before their debut to get to know them had a strong effect.”

2NE1 consists of Park Bom, Sandara Park, Gong Minji, and CL who are planning to release a mini album and start their activities in the beginning of next month.

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